When you order club ties, it can be mighty tempting to cut costs by ordering from a foreign supplier. However, this presents problems of its own, and you’ll almost always wish you decided to order from a UK-based supplier instead.

Here are just a few ways a UK-based custom tie supplier holds an edge over foreign rivals.

Shorter Lead Times

If you need to have your custom ties designed, created, shipped, and delivered as quickly as possible, you’re going to need a UK company. It’s clear that a foreign supplier is going to spend more time shipping your product to you, but you’ll also find that deciding on the design is a faster process when you’re in the same country. If any problem should arise, you’ll be able to ship your ties back quickly to have the issue addressed.

Convenient Customer Service

When you go with a foreign supplier, you’re eventually going to have to deal with foreign customer service. At best, this means putting up with inconvenient time differences. At worst, it means having to work around language barriers, and that can make the whole process extremely inconvenient. You may also find that foreign suppliers place less priority on the needs of clients who are out of the country.

Small Maximum Order Number

It’s common for foreign suppliers to offer quantity over quality, which is why they’re often the more economical option. However, they need to ship large orders in order to make ends meet, which means that you’ll be forced to order in large numbers to even do business. That might not be a big deal when you first order your club ties, but what about when you just need 50 or so more for new members?

More Eco-Friendly

It’s always nice to go eco-friendly when you can, and going for a UK tie manufacturer is a great way to do just that. For one thing, UK suppliers are more likely to have met strict environmental codes. More importantly, they don’t need to add the environmental cost that comes with shipping orders over long distances.

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