A recent article looked at how 1 in 5 men suffer from stress but don’t tell anyone, instead suffer in silence. This year’s Men’s Health week looked at the effects stress can have on a man’s health, the research looked into those who admit to feeling stressed and also those who confessed they are currently suffering alone.

imageStress can affect the body in many different ways, it can contribute to serious heart problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. It could even result in heartburn for some individuals. That will lead to uncomfortable pains in the chest. To reduce this pain, it might be worth visiting Zantac to find some medication (find more about that here). Stress eating is another common effect of stress, it can be responsible for obesity and diabetes. Obviously it can also lead to other mental health issues, affecting mood and behavior, which is why many health experts are keen to increase awareness of the effects that stress.

Online money saving and voucher code website My Voucher Codes, surveyed over 1,000 men in the UK to find out if they suffered from stress and if they admitted to it. They found:

  • Yes and I openly admit it – 16%
  • Yes, but I don’t tell anyone – 20%
  • No – 64%

Those aged between 18 and 24 were most at risk as they admitted to not telling anyone about their issues, leading to greater concerns for young men in the UK, additionally it has been revealed that in 2016, one in four men will develop a mental health issue.

Commenting on the findings Chris Reilly, General Manager of My Voucher Codes said:

“Suffering from stress is not fully understood. The phrase ‘I’m stressed’ is still thrown around far too easily, meaning that many sufferers, particularly men, are reluctant to open up to someone or seek professional help.”

He continued:

“Admitting that you are suffering from stress is important especially when you consider the health implications. Headaches, stomach upset, sleep problems, mood swings and behaviour issues…there are so many aspects of a person’s life that suffering from stress can affect. It is a shame that something so serious can be talked about so glibly and overlooked by so many.”

If you find yourself feeling stressed, try a couple of things to reduce the feeling, such as exercising, taking up a hobby, visiting somewhere you enjoy and setting yourself achievable targets to keep you focused. Perhaps even look into a marlborough ma dispensary or one that is much more local to you, find a method that is most suitable for you so you can ensure you get your stress under control.

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