There’s likely no shoe in history met with the same amount of harsh prejudice as the humble, yet rugged Birkenstocks. But despite its varied reputation, whether you consider it the most practical piece of footwear ever invented, or you don’t find it to be all that handsome, fashion has a funny way of reviving old trends and giving them the trademark of timeless.

Such is the fate of Birkenstocks, and for those gents among you who are still struggling with the idea that sandals indeed are intended for men as well, this is a perfect opportunity to get introduced to what will probably become your favorite pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

Keep it caj

Not a single man has pulled off wearing a fine tailored suit, no matter it’s color, with a pair of Birkenstocks. It just doesn’t fly. Now, if you’re a strictly formal man, then perhaps this is your chance to test the waters of casual wardrobe, such as a pair of cotton trousers (linen will do fine as well), that are a loose fit, designed for comfort. Now that type of pants works brilliantly with sandals, especially for a relaxed afternoon coffee, or a stroll in the park.

Equally casual jeans, chinos, or shorts go well with sandals, and they’ll turn your day at the beach a breeze. However, they aren’t that perfect as a part of an evening ensemble, unless you find yourself in a Balinese resort where dress-code is the epitome of caj and everyone dinners in flip flops and barefoot, then you’re safe to wear the sandals with your t-shirt and trousers.

Always leave socks behind

For the love of all that is good and holy in this world, never ever wear Birkenstocks with socks. Merely considering the idea will be detrimental to your style sense, and it’s likely you’ll never recover. This is the number one, the single most important don’t when it comes to these sandals. You’ve seen certain European gentlemen wearing them religiously with socks, but never give into the temptation of doing the same.

They are meant for warm summers and designed to free your feet. You can go to your local shop in them, spend the day on the balcony reading a book in them, or roam in nature (provided there are no ticks or similar pests in the area) to your heart’s content, but make sure you’re sock-free.

Get creative

As simple and comfortable as they are, they aren’t really known as the most stylish shoes that have been invented. However, don’t be fooled by its seemingly unimaginative appearance; these sandals give you a slew of creative opportunities, precisely because they are made with comfort in mind.

As such, wearing men’s Birkenstocks of predominantly earthy shades, such as leathery brown, khaki or taupe allows you to play with the upper segment of your combos. Think fun blazers with interesting prints mixed with your chinos, or even a cool tie to kick it up a notch or two on the style scale.

Think of your feet

One element of wearing sandals, that often ends up being the ultimate element of surprise to those who see you, is the lack of care for your feet prior to slipping on your favorite comfortable pair. We’re referring to nails of shapes and sizes that would put to shame your average hawk, with dirt residue shamelessly lodged in places sunshine hasn’t seen in a long time.

There will be no socks to come to your rescue. Hence the need to either visit your pedicure guru, or simply take care of the problem yourself. No need for spectacular shades of nail polish, merely trim and file where needed to keep your feet presentable.

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