I’m Steve, I’m 27 years old and a chartered accountant living in Manchester-stressful on the occasions Manchester United play Liverpool (I’m a Merseyside Red through and through), but otherwise I enjoy living in a vibrant, modern city.

Basically, I like having a Costa around the corner (so I can escape the house – and my lovely girlfriend – for a few hours), shops, bars and restaurants on my doorstep and any modern convenience I might need available within minutes. I guess a lot of my appreciation for Manchester and city-life stems from having to live in the backside of rural North Wales for almost 2 years until I could convince my girlfriend to find a new teaching job nearer our families and re-locate up here. Don’t get me wrong, I like Wales and all, but…#JUST SAYING!

Psycho stare...
Psycho stare…


It’s All About The Image

Call me metrosexual, but I do pay a lot of attention to men’s fashion, accessories and grooming. Image is really important in the business world; first impressions count – not judging a book by it’s cover is pure crap in my line of work.

So, professionally, I have to look sharp all the time, but I also like to look good anyway – who doesn’t? It’s kind of weird because I’m coming up to 30 now and am at That Stage where I have to stop and consider whether my clothes choices are too young, too old or just right. I’m a male, image-conscious Goldilocks. And it sucks.

My very casual look - nice jumper with shirt underneath.
My very casual look – nice jumper with shirt underneath.


My Blog

I’ve been inspired to create this blog to write about men’s fashion, accessories and grooming because these are areas that have become more and more important to me over the years. I wore some cracking fashion disasters whilst at university, from Hawaiian shirts on nights out to impress/repulse the ladies, to pork pie hats at family events and even routinely donned a pair of tight-fitting pedal pushers at one point. Cringe.

ice bar
Not exactly the height of fashion, but essential for spending time in the Ice Bar in Barcelona.


Now I’ve found, since graduating and entering the “real world”, getting it right when it comes to your wardrobe is essential. The right suit is needed for business meetings; the ideal smart/casual outfit for “casual” drinks with the boss; the perfect casual, non-threatening, Isn’t He Lovely attire for meeting the girlfriend’s parents/grandparents/aunties/uncles and Christ knows who else; and the list continues with weddings, christenings, work dos, her work does in which partners are invited, family gatherings, and so on.

And back to my blog. Basically, I want to explore what works and what doesn’t, offer wardrobe tips for different occasions, look at how to be creative with outfits, but not reach Lady Gaga levels of idiocy. Lofty ambitions for a blog created by a 27 year old accountant from the North West, but I’m eager to see where this all goes.

At the very least, I get to research and write about topics I’m interested in and passionate about, and that’s fine by me.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Men’s Style, and that you consider coming back!


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