Now that summer is officially here, there are adjustments that you will need to make to your wardrobe. You don’t need to overhaul your whole wardrobe, all you need to do is make a few minor adjustments in order to add in the essence of summer. All you really need to do is push the heavier pieces to the back of your wardrobe and make room for some of the lighter pieces that will complement you a little better when the sunrays are beaming down. Take a look at the list below of essential for your summer wardrobe. 

It’s Time For Some Tailored Shorts 

Tailored styles have become dominating fashion for a while now and the same approach has been taken SS17 shorts. Tailored styles are often smarter, better fitted and can really be incorporated into a host of different styles. It’s time to throw out your cargo pants and get something smarter and better equipped for smart summer occasions. It’s time to push your track pants and joggers to the side and start looking for shorts!

Short Sleeve Shirts Are Officially In 

No matter what profession you are in, short sleeve shirts should be a part of your wardrobe for sure. They are perfect for summer nights and also long days in the office (in the sweltering weather). They are just an alternative to the long sleeve shirt and provide the same formal level. You can mix and match them with short, or skinny jeans and they will seamlessly fit into your wardrobe. Whatever way you wear them, it’s time to add long sleeve shirts into your wardrobe.

Don’t Miss Out On Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes are an essential into every summer wardrobe, as trainers aren’t smart enough and shoes in general can be hard to match with shoes. Boats shoes are a great alternative and can fit into smart, casual and just any lazy outfit choices you want to throw around on the day. They can be expensive, however, look around and find what is right for you before you start paying extortionate amounts for them.

Polo Shirts Are Needed 

If you are in need of an alternative to a t-shirt, a polo shirt is exactly what you want. Its timeless, comfortable and can me mixed and matched with zip up hoodies, track jackets and cardigans. It is a versatile option for you to have in your wardrobe and is available in a variety of sizes, colours, brands and fits. Polo shirts will never let you down in the summer.

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