It is undeniable that suits have their own charm and are liked by all. As we advent towards summer, the need to stay cool yet look ravishing has reached the peak. Though this phlegmatic season may translate to a clemency when it comes to dress code, you just can’t pull of sloppy attire. So, how will the modern day man dress smartly for office, an event, or a meeting during this hot summer season? Workplaces have their own dress codes and it might alter a little because of the season but wouldn’t turn around completely. The need to look professional at workplace is a necessity and can’t be overlooked, irrespective of the situations you are in. Precisely one opts for summer suits.

What should you consider in a Summer Suit? 

Suits are a very important part of the modern day men’s wardrobe. Although it’s a need, one suit doesn’t fit all the occasions and isn’t the right choice for all the seasons. To get the best for all seasons, you need to give a little more heed to the material of the cloth while buying. The cloth and tailoring determines the texture, weight and breath-ability of the suit. The intrinsic details like unlined or half lined actually deters the ventilation and cooling. Though a lot of your suit’s structure goes compromised with, the material and cuts actually help you stay cool, look sharp and stay light. Always go for a lighter weight cloth as it works wonders in summers.

What Fabrics can you choose from?

Winters call for woollen or cashmere cloth material but summers have their own set of materials. Summer suits need to be smart, professional and also keep us cool. Here’s a small list of fabrics you can look in for your summer suits.

  • Linen:

Linen is a standard material for summers and is the most popular fabric when it comes to summer as it is not only light weight but has a more breathable weave. The flax plant fibres give it a natural texture and visible weave. You might like a blend of linen with cotton or wool for a sharper yet comfortable look.

  • Cotton:

One can’t agree to the fact that cotton is best suited for summers and is widely used. It gives you a versatile look and helps control heat. Cotton might be a little stiff in comparison to wool but is also cooler and is loved by most.

  • Fresco:

No one can imagine wool for summer but fresco is a different affair altogether. Fresco means fresh or cool and serves the purpose just right.

  • Chambray:

Chambray popularly known as cambric belongs to the cotton family and gives you a highly stylish look. Labels like Armani and Valentino love it too.

  • Seersucker:

The signature striped, wrinkled suit has made its mark already. You wouldn’t want anything else once you’ve worn seersucker.

The Italian brand Canali has a range of designs with different materials for summer suits that you can choose from. Why dig a hole in your pocket when you can save up and get great suits at affordable prices? There are so many designs and fabrics that you can use. You can also experiment with colours and make your summers more colourful. More suggestions on how to choose the right suit.

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