When receiving gifts at Christmas, it’s the thought that counts. To be honest, this is the season of love care and joy, so if someone is gifting you something, this means they love you and have remembered you in their thoughts.

The truth is that from t shirt quilts, bath and body products or even perfumes – some gifts just make your day! They can help you to experience the feeling of being wanted, loved, desired and thought about quite often. To be honest, some gifts can make you feel the warmth of Christmas–even if it is a gift card (possibly given using something similar to Gift Card Software) that you might have got at your office as an employee reward — it would perhaps count. After all, the gift card can still help you buy items you might have desired for a long time (and what better time to purchase those items than during the festivities of Christmas).

However, there are some gifts that are just truly horrible to receive. For betting pros, these gifts will ‘release’ your poker face which you are familiar with and have used for numerous year. However for unexperienced players, you can consider these gifts as practice to improve your poker face.

However in these scenarios, you will have to display emotion in your poker face instead of hiding it!

  1. SOCKS

Socks are arguably the most boring gift that you can receive for Christmas, yet we’ve been receiving them for years. Virtually everyone will receive a pair of socks for Christmas and is the gift where everyone practices their poker face. However, you could make this a bit interesting or even comical with the help of the person’s face on socks. They might flaunt it as it’s something unique.1


We can all agree that stationary is arguably the most boring gift you can receive at all times of the year. Stationary is useful, but it doesn’t make for an ideal gift. Although not the worse gift you can receive for Christmas, it is very hard to look pleased at receiving a pencil.


Although Christmas themed items help you get in the spirit of the festive holidays, they are essentially useless for the other eleven months of the year. The Christmas jumper is a holiday themed item which almost everyone will want to avoid receiving this year.1


Is there anything worse than receiving a present where you still have to spend money to use it? Although it’s the thought that counts, in this case you can guarantee that no thought has been given in the gifts. Gifts where you still have to shell out money to redeem the gift’s value are not gifts. They may as well be considered deals.1


Christmas is one of the most joyful times of the year where people tend to receive some of their most desired presents. Although household items may be useful, they are not at the top of the majority of people’s list. A toolbox may be useful for household chores, but wouldn’t you rather have the DVD set of your favourite TV series?


Books can be great gifts as Christmas presents. However, diet books will certainly give a wrong impression to the receiver of the present. Unless you have made it clear that you are intending on starting a diet, there is a chance you may be offended at the gift rather than pleased.


Onesies are an ideal gift for young children, but after a certain age, it’s probably best to find a suitable gift. If you are in the older age bracket and receive an onesie for Christmas, there is no doubt that you will have to practice your best poker face.


Nothing screams last minute like a re-gifted present. In most circumstances you may not realise that you have been given a re-gifted present. However you may be unlucky enough to receive the gift which you gave to the person the previous year. As well as trying to not act annoyed at being given a gift you’ve paid for, you also have to try your best to seem appreciative for the present.


This card will test everyone’s poker face, not just your own. Giving Christmas cards to friends and family is tradition, but you will not want to receive this Christmas card from any family member. The Joker Christmas Card plays carols for three straight hours when opened and only gets louder when you try to stop it. A truly annoying gift to receive and one that will push your poker face to its limits.1


A glow in the dark toilet seat is a gift which you’ll want to avoid anytime of the year – especially at Christmas. If you are the unfortunate individual to receive this novelty item as a Christmas gift, you’ll have to pull off one of the greatest poker faces ever attempted.

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