Till now, Viagra might have made things easier for you as an ‘erectile dysfunction’ drug. Though Viagra’s effects are not as unpleasant as crack cocaine or others, many countries around the world have laid strict rules regarding its possession even with a proper prescription. Where liquid medicines such as cough syrups may not be allowed on an airplane, prescription medicines can be way complicated.


Ask your pharmacy to pour it into smaller containers (under 3oz) that are properly labeled. So when you are travelling to any of the countries with stringent laws on purchase of Viagra, make sure you’ve got the necessary papers and containers before you head out. All you may need to do is:

  1. Research which medicines are allowed into the country where you are heading to. If you are not able to find relevant information, assume that it’s illegal or not permitted without proper doctor/pharmacy verification.
  2. Make sure all of your medicines are in their original containers and are labeled with both the doctor’s name and the name of the pharmacy
  3. If you have verified and allowed to carry pills, be sure that you have enough stock or a bit extra for your entire trip. This is because most international pharmacies may not recognize your home prescription and you may not be able to refill them.
  4. Pack all of your prescription medicine in your carry-on baggage. If you forget to pack this, check out the street value of prescription drugs where you are travelling to.
  5. Do not carry a print, rather keep the paper for your original prescription with you. It may not be necessary, but it won’t make your luggage heavy.

Watch out if you are travelling to Dubai, recently travelers have been arrested and held for months for traveling with prescription back medicine and a lot more allegations. This may be a rumor, but it can happen. Better safe than sorry.

Major prescription pills, work by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE-5, letting muscles in the arteries of the penis relax and widen. As a result, blood flows south to create an erection. Vacuum pumps may also help encourage blood flow to the penis to stimulate an erection, having a very high success rate of 90%. Of course, nobody would want to undergo any kind of physical examination. Best thing to do is opting for a more convenient and less embarrassing way to treat ED.

For this, there are a variety of treatments now available to treat erectile failure. Some sites also sell them online like shytobuy to combat your shyness. Though, all of them may not need to be prescribed by a doctor but it is better to make sure with a doctor even if you are getting them easily online due to safety issues and contraindications. In some cases your GP might even suggest lifestyle changes such as losing weight, or reducing alcohol and smoke causing ED.

But above all, with the love of a strong and supportive partner, you can deal with ED together. Many find that cognitive behavioral therapy can help them to feel more positive about their situation and it is easy to find services for CBT NYC based or similar for those who feel that this is something they may benefit from. Other effective psychological treatments include sex therapy. Whatever your course of treatment, the majority of people are able to return to successful and satisfying intercourse.

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