As it is correctly said, time and tide wait for none, what becomes important for a person is to keep a track of the time themselves so that they are not left behind when the human race is progressing and proceeding every second. In the fast moving world of today, keeping a watch is important. Even though there are a number of gadgets which are available in the market which tell you correct time, a watch- the earliest and the authentic source of keeping the track of time- has not lost its importance. 50 million watches are sold throughout the country every year. India is among the 10 fastest going and biggest economies in the world and it is also a major market for watches.

Timex Watches

imageTimex is most famous for the digital watches. It is an iconic American custom watch brand which is known for its timeless designs. It is an ideal commixture of sophisticated Italian designs and forefront German engineering. Timex offers quality products to its customers across a varied and large line of watches for everyone. The intelligent Quartz collection of Timex is mainly made for the fashion-minded men who are attracted to the features like fly-back movements, chronographs and night-light.

Are Timex Watches best?

Timex watches are smart in looks, durable and easy on the pocket. These 3 attributes make them an ideal gift for a family member, friend or just for your own self. Nonetheless, there are a good number of models and you can get easily confused. Hence, are Timex watches good? Do not worry, given below are some of the top picks for you from their huge range of watches. These are both adorable and affordable. Given below is the review of a few bestseller Timex watches. These are fashionable, yet sophisticated, affordable yet reliable and trendy yet robust. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

·         T5G841 1440 Sports (Unisex) watch

This one is branded as a unisex watch. It is a digital watch and is pretty stylish with pink and silver face.

·         T5K086 1440 Sports Men’s Watch

This one has a very simple design with a digital face. The blue and black combo is versatile and can be teamed up with almost any attire.

·         T2N67 Weekender (Unisex) Watch

This watch has a very simple silver and black design with Black Nylon strap.

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