Trying to think of the perfect present can be rather daunting. With so many options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice – so it makes sense to plan ahead.

Buy a gift that tells your girlfriend you really know her. A little consideration should see her face light up as she unwraps the gift. Consider a practical gift; though be careful to avoid something boring or mundane.

With summer fast approaching, it may be that your girlfriend is off on holiday. If so, convince her she really deserves the break and complement her holiday with the ultimate present – you’ll be in the good books forevermore.

An experience

Amazing experiences make the best gifts and your girlfriend is likely to agree. That said; it’s difficult to buy an experience for someone who is going on holiday without knowing his or her whole itinerary. Plus, if you’re unsure what gift to buy for your girlfriend, you also may not know what experience to buy for her, too.

Thankfully, there are many gift companies who allow you to buy a generic gift package, allowing the recipient to choose their own activity.

The ultimate travel companion

Whilst the novelty of turning the pages when reading a book cannot be beaten, sometimes, it’s not practical to lug a book around with you on holiday. But, you just can’t beat unwinding by the pool, can you? With that sun on your skin, a cocktail by your side, and a good book in your hand.

The Kindle can be the perfect solution; it’s small, compact and can store multiple books at one time, as well as guidebooks. It’s also still practical for when your girlfriend is at home.

Personalised items

Passport holders and luggage tags are brilliant gifts for those off on holiday. If you buy your girlfriend one that has been personalized with her initials, it will feel even more special.

Wash bags and cosmetics bags are also highly useful when it comes to going on holiday. Buy a personalized wash bag for your girlfriend’s trip and her heart will melt every time she brushes her teeth. Select your favorite photo of the two of you, or write an endearing message; a lovely, personal travel gift that’s also useful – especially if she’s missing you while away! You could also opt for a Personalized Name Necklace (of your initials, or her name) for your loved one, just to remind her of you being there with her at all times, while she is away on the trip!

Travel essentials

If you do buy your girlfriend a wash bag, it’s also a nice idea to fill it for her – a simple, but thoughtful idea. Consider the staples such as travel sized toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner etc., before branching out. Buy her favourite perfume or favourite coloured lipstick.

Many girls like to already sport a tan, prior to heading abroad, as it gives them a summer glow before they even hit the beach. Natural tanning products are known for being able to deliver that perfect summer glow if you are unable to achieve the real thing. So, why not purchase your girlfriend some tanning mousse? It’s a simple gift, yes, but she’ll be incredibly impressed at your thoughtfulness.

Then, of course, as well as toiletries, there are the other so-called essentials. Padlocks, power banks, travel pillows, eye masks, you name it. You could even create her a little going away hamper!

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