How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you choose one that said you would try to live a healthier lifestyle? Or was the environment more your concern? You wanted to try a greener way of living, leave a small carbon footprint, perhaps? How about commuting by bike ad killing two birds (or two resoutions) with one stone?

Leisure Lakes Bikes, a family run cycling store, has put together a very interesting study that shows travel times in some of the busiest UK cities using different modes of transport.


Route: From Royal London Hospital to King’s Cross Station

  • 33 minutes by car.
  • 29 minutes by public transport.
  • 81 minutes walking.
  • 27 minutes cycling


Route: From Cadbury World to Birmingham New Street Station

  • 17 minutes by car.
  • 26 minutes by public transport.
  • 86 minutes walking.
  • 23 minutes cycling.


Route: From Hampden Park to Glasgow Central Station

  • 22 minutes driving
  • 16 minutes by public transport
  • 52 minutes walking.
  • 16 minutes by bike


Route: From Meadowhall Centre to Sheffield Train Station

  • 14 minutes by car.
  • 24 minutes on public transport.
  • 74 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Shipley town centre to Bradford Interchange

  • 16 minutes driving.
  • 13 minutes on public transport.
  • 78 minutes walking.
  • 26 minutes cycling.


Route: From Aintree Racecourse to Liverpool Lime Street Station

  • 21 minutes by car
  • 27 minutes on public transport.
  • 104 minutes by walking.
  • 29 minutes by bicycle.


Route: From Fort Kinnaird to Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

  • 20 minutes when driving.
  • 27 minutes by public transport.
  • 85 minutes walking.
  • 27 minutes cycling.


Route: From Old Trafford football stadium to Manchester Piccadilly Station

  • 13 minutes driving.
  • 24 minutes by public transport.
  • 62 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Woodspring Golf & Country Club to Bristol Temple Meads Railway Station

  • 18 minutes driving.
  • 23 minutes by public transport.
  • 78 minutes walking.
  • 22 minutes cycling.


Route: From Radyr Golf Club to Cardiff Central Railway Station

  • 20 minutes driving.
  • 27 minutes by public transport.
  • 97 minutes by walking.
  • 28 minutes on


Route: From Balmoral Golf Club to Belfast Central Station

  • 15 minutes driving your car.
  • 25 minutes by taking public transport.
  • 63 minutes walking.
  • 18 minutes to complete the journey by cycling.


Route: From Metro Centre to Newcastle Central Station

  • 14 minutes when driving.
  • 21 minutes by public transport.
  • 75 minutes walking.
  • 29 minutes cycling.


Leisure Lakes Bikes has teamed up with the Green Commute Initiative to make the change not only an easy one but a lot less stressful on the purse strings. Click here to find out more about the partnership.

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