Whether Birmingham is a frequent stop for you when it comes to business travel, or a one-time visit, we’ve put together a variety of tips on how you can arrive in style. Not only will this make your travel experience more luxurious, it will also make it much less stressful – which anyone can appreciate. We will take a look at everything from how to book the best hotel via sites like tripadvisor.co.uk, to making sure you’ve got a place to park your car when you arrive thanks to yourparkingspace.co.uk.

imageHotel Considerations and Tips

Of course the absolute last thing you want to worry about when you arrive in Birmingham is finding a place to stay, which is exactly why you will want to book in advance. By booking in advance you’ll be guaranteed a room at a hotel that works for your needs, plus you can map out in advance how to get to the hotel.

When choosing the best hotel for business travel, your needs and requirements will be different than when you’re travelling for pleasure. The top item you’ll most likely need is to have in-room Wi-Fi, preferably for free and unlimited. A work desk is also important so that you can set up your “office” space. If you need to make phone calls, check to be sure that the hotel offers unlimited free local calling.

Many hotels offer “business centres”, which can include things such as a fax machine, photo copier, and computers. Depending on the work you are doing, these may or may not be important.

Another important factor is the location of the hotel. You obviously want to be near any meetings, conferences, or seminars you are attending so you don’t have to deal with a long commute.

Finally, read reviews thoroughly as they are often the best indicator of the quality of a room and whether the specifications and features that are listed live up to their billing.

Transportation Considerations and Tips

Another way to ensure you’re arriving in style is to pre-book a car rental if you aren’t driving there yourself. On top of that, you want to ensure you have a place to park your vehicle whether it is at your hotel, a meeting spot, conference location, or various client buildings. This is a simple solution as well, as you can pre-book a parking spot at various locations around Birmingham with services such as Your Parking Space.

This kind of service rents out private driveways, underground spots, street spots, and off-street garages. By doing this you won’t have to circle around trying to find a spot, risking showing up late for your meeting.

Booking your spot will require a bit of advance planning. It’s a good idea to map out your hotel, and the various meeting spots you need to attend in advance and then figure out where the closest parking options are.

Advanced Planning Means Arriving in Style

What it comes down to is a little bit of advanced planning. By taking the time to research hotel locations, amenities, parking, and route information you will ensure that you look professional, well-prepared, on-time, and of course completely stress free since you aren’t rushing around.

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