Chokers are back! It seems as if they crept on us from behind and grabbed us by our throats. Quite literally! And while I can’t vouch for how long they are going to stick around this time, there is a trend that will never go out of fashion.

You guessed it – I’m talking about leather.

But while you will hardly find a man wearing a choker, you will definitely find leather to be a universal expression of style and class, no matter the gender. Whether you feel like having something cosy to keep you warm during the long night-outs, looking for a piece of an accessory to spice up your outfit or just looking for something both urban and classy – leather is what you are looking for.

What is so different about this particular fabric is its endurance, of course. Investing in leather means adding a long-lasting piece of clothing to your closet. Even though it may be a little more expensive than other fabrics, leather is here to stay and it provides a definite value for its price. To put it down simply – it is forever. And men will always wear leather, and we will always love it 1unconditionally.

Leather bags are a must

When it comes to choosing a quality men bag, opting for a leather one should definitely be your first choice. If you need a classic piece that will make you look elegant and still look professional around the office, go for a brown leather briefcase. You will look classy in no time if you pair it with some navy suit and quality leather belt.

Backpacks are huge these days (not literally, but sometimes quite literally as well), simply because they are both trendy and so useful. You can put anything you need in these leather masterpieces so check some of them out at Mission Mercantile. Even the sports bags are going leather this year. Everyone is into wearing leisure items as everyday pieces so you could mix and match your gym bag 1with a casual outfit and not seem like you are rushing to the gym.

A real Aussie bush hat

It is hardly likely to be a fashionably conscious Australian and not love the bush hat. Everyone adores this trend down here, and I am no different! Pick a leather one. Combine it with some short shorts, a 1tropical print T-shirt and some safari boots. It cannot get any more cosy than that!

Where do you keep your money?

Wallets are THE thing to check out this season. Forget about all the cheap thrills and go for some quality leather wallets. No matter how stylish your cotton wallet looks, be sure it will fall apart in a matter of months. A leather wallet is here to stay and keep your money perfectly safe. A brown one will definitely reflect how classy you are.


Shoes go leather

You should always treat your feet the way deserve it – royally. And it does not get any more royal than leather. Choose brown oxford shoes to wear in the office and be sure you will feel no pain while you are rocking the latest trends. If you feel like going a bit safari, you can embellish your look with some leather boots and pair everything with a bush hat. In fact Leather Boots are especially popular because they are comfortable, durable, and good in all weather too! But they definitely don’t work without the bush hat!

Belt can only be made of leather

Every outfit needs a final touch to it. Belt is all you need to make an outfit outstanding. A brown belt is all you need to spice up an outfit. Mix it with a light blue shirt, white chinos that are the top choice of the spring/summer 2016 and you will look urban and classy. If the nights get chilly you can always opt for a navy blazer to distinguish your look.

Spring/summer trends for 2016 suggest wearing a lot of leather. From shoes, boots, belts to wallets, leather is the thing you will definitely need.

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