While the summer is a time for barbeques and spending time in the garden, winter is for hibernation. When the weather gets cooler and there’s the added expense of Christmas and other festivities to consider, there’s nothing quite like saving some pennies with a quiet night in!

Many homeowners choose to redecorate their homes for autumn/winter, replacing lighter tones and brighter colours with rich shades and warm textures. However, you don’t have to reach for the paintbrush just yet – you can update your space through textiles instead.

Mixing and matching prints can help you create a unique, edgy space, while still keeping it welcoming and warm. But where do you start? Mixing stripes with geometric patterns may seem like a no-no, but with the right guidelines you can combine almost any selection of prints effortlessly.

There are some rules of thumb you should follow, regardless of the type of pattern you’re working with. For example, choose just one dominant print – multiple bold patterns will clash and compete with each other, resulting in a disjointed space.

Building in a mix of neutral tones will help to ground the other prints in your space while experimenting with textures can add further depth to your space.

Of course, as well as the more general rules that apply to all patterns, there are some guidelines for specific prints too. For example, if you’re using stripes, complement them with block colours to create a contemporary finish.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative with adding patterns to rooms. All too often, when incorporating patterns into a room people choose to stick only to soft furnishings. Whilst this is a safe approach, it can become quite repetitive after a while. You might want to visit a website similar to http://www.neonfilter.com, to find some great options for incorporating patterns into rooms through a more unique way with neon lighting!

For further advice, take a look at the following infographic, which has been created by House of Fraser. Specifically relating to bedding and other home textiles, the rules will help you create a unique, welcoming space and avoid the unwanted clash of patterns and prints.


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