Suffering from hair loss is something that affects lots of men, and it can be something that you have not quite come to terms with as yet.  The first thing that is likely to happen is that you will find a bald spot, and this will get bigger as time goes on.  If you are struggling with hair loss, then we have put together some ways in which you could disguise this.

A Comb Over

A comb over is something that is a little controversial when it comes to men’s hair – and only a few people can pull it off well. If the weather is ok, then they can work great – the issue is if it’s a windy day.  If it’s a smaller bald patch, it could be covered up with a bit of a quaff and the use of hairspray but make sur you don’t brush it afterwards!  It also can be a little fiddly, so make sure you have some spare time.


This is an option some men go for when they are losing their hair.  We all know how fashionable tattooed sleeves are, and tattooed heads are becoming much more popular.  This can actually be done very well.  You can have tiny dots of pigments that match your hair colour as is, to create a look that’s stubbly.  It usually only completed by people that are bald as opposed to patchy.

Hair Transplant

This is often thought of as scary, and a last resort – but actually the process is much simpler than you would think – and is becoming increasingly popular amongst men with thinning hair.  It’s a lifelong investment, and the idea is that you will end up looking as you did before or even better.  Usually for a hair transplant, you need to go for a consultation, so they can review your hair loss, and so they can give you an idea of what you can expect to achieve during the treatment.  Celebrities such as Wayne Rooney have used this successfully.

Shave your Head or Chop your Hair

This one takes some guts, but it is often the easiest option.  Instead of trying to cover it up, shaving it off can be better.  It isn’t something that takes a lot of maintenance – you can just keep shaving periodically.  If you are going for just getting it cut short, then you should cut it as short as you can but without revealing the scalp and get a blunt cut.

Thicken it as Much as you Can

There are lots of thickening products out there that can help give your hair more volume, and make it look a little fuller.  It won’t make the issue go away entirely, but it can go a good way towards making sure that you do the best with the hair that you currently have.

If you weren’t sure what to do with your thinning hair, hopefully you will have a better idea as to your different options now.

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