Academic programmes in Fashion allows you to explore the cultural, environmental, economic and sustainable elements that underpin the fashion world. Added to the course curricula are practical techniques that you can implement in most fashion-based roles. Reading this blog we will give you an in-depth idea of some of the other specialised courses in a fashion that you would love to study.

Besides learning the basic concepts of fashion ꟷ drape, fabric manipulation, pattern cutting, constructed textile, garment manufacture and trailering, the couches focus on ways to transform the concepts of design and develop marketable products. Hands-on training on media, photography and styling, computer-aided design and portfolio presentation is common to add-on of the following courses.

Fashion business and management

The course is tailored to help you stay up-to-date with the current trends in fashion business management. The transferable skills gained can significantly enhance your career prospects within the fashion industry. 

You can also utilise the essential marketing and management tools needed to kick-start your career as a designer. You will also develop their ability to think strategically and simultaneously enhance your creativity and professional acumen. The fashion business programme also gives you the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals. This, in turn, ensures that you are workplace ready once you have completed the course.

Fashion media and promotion

This course is primarily focused to give you assess to the global shifts in fashion, including cultural, ethical and technological point of view. You will be learning not only fashion media but also promotional activities such as styling, creative direction, photography and image-making, conceptual installations and schemes, retail and marketing, moving image and curating events and shows. Furthermore, the fashion communication and promotion element of this programme will teach you how to engage with specific audiences by analysing their digital and print platforms.

Such in-depth analysis of fashion business will instil skills to promote your brand in the fashion media sector. By the end of this course, all students will have mastered the transferable skills needed to sustain in the ever-changing world of fashion and become a visionary fashion communicator.

Retail and experience management

This course is structured and taught by eminent retail professionals, helping you kick start your career in the retail industry. Besides providing you with a solid understanding of the retail sector, your learning will also be supplemented with leadership, team management and business communication skills.

This course focused on retail management is sure to boost your employability across diverse industries. You can utilise your management techniques and problem-solving skills to become an effective leader. The combination of theory and applicability ensures that you are up to date with the latest trends and developments in the retailing industry.

Study BA fashion course in the UK and developed excellent fashion industry expertise in no time. The transferable skills gained will make you a suitable candidate for fashion industry jobs. Apply now and gain employment through a work placement, right after graduating.

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