A weighted blanket (also often called an anxiety blanket or a gravity blanket) is a heavier type of blanket that may be used to help adults and children relax or to support the treatment of the symptoms of a range of psychological issues and disorders, such as anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

For kids, weighted blankets could ease the pain of many other disorders and help both parents and children keep their psychological issues on track in an easy and pleasant way.

For adults, weighted blankets can be one of several measures they take to manage their stress, insomnia, and other medical conditions. They’re often used in conjunction with other treatments, like medical marijuana in a heart bong, in order to help them achieve stress-free sleep.

Although gravity blankets typically weigh anywhere between 4 and 14 kg, depending on the chosen size of the blanket and the bodyweight of the adult user – they must be lighter for kids. The optimal weight is 10% of a person’s body weight, however, some children may prefer to have some heavier anxiety blankets. It is up to personal preferences. Different weighted blankets could be purchased online. They can be slightly expensive, but many people think that it is worth it. Of course, for those who don’t want to pay that, they could consider making their own blanket instead. By visiting https://www.accuquilt.com/patterns/free-quilt-patterns.html, for example, people could find some fun designs to go on their blanket too. That would make the blanket more unique and special.

How does it work?

Weighted blankets are heavier than comparably-sized duvets or blankets. The extra weight induces a “grounding” effect on the body by pushing down on it during sleep, meditation, or relaxation to provide a calming and soothing feeling similar to how certain strains of weed can make you feel (click here to buy weed online).

Why could weighted blankets be good for you or your kids?
There are quite a few reasons why a weighted blanket could be a great solution for you or your children, these are:

  • loss of sleep – a weighted blanket may help them not only with falling asleep, but also staying asleep and waking up relaxed
  • a weighted blanket helps with keeping hormones under control – using an anxiety blanket increases the level of sleep-related melamine and serotonin while at the same time it decreases the level of a stress-related hormone called cortisol
  • weighted blankets visibly help with coping with psycho-psychical and neurotic disorders such as autism, ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, Restless Legs Syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress – so they can play a role of a part of the therapeutic treatment
  • weighted blankets help children feel safe, as the heavier weight of the blanket around the body is intended to feel like getting a hug
  • they don’t have to be used as blankets or duvets only – some users like them so much that they use them as comforters anywhere, even wrapping around their legs or shoulders

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How to choose a perfect weighted blanket?

You need to take two factors into consideration:

  • the weight of the final user (the weight of the blanket should be around 10% of that)
  • the blanket’s size

Also, for children the design of a gravity blanket may matter, too. More info you can find out below: https://senso-rex.com/

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