Even few years back, vaping was a niche which only few people could participate in. Times have changed and now you can hardly walk down the street without seeing people vaping and releasing those tell-tale clouds. Almost everywhere can you find e-liquids being available in a wide array of nicotine strength and flavors. The sleek and modern vape pens that are found in the market have now become a fashion accessory in their own right. But did you notice when this shift started occuring?

The rise of gadgets like stylish V2 vape pens and vaporizers have been astronomical and if you take a close look at hoe the vaping market has outgrown the tobacco industry, you will find the change and acceptance of the latest modifications. However, with the exceptional forecasts of growth, it is anticipated to exceed the $48 billion mark by the end of 2025, thereby demonstrating unprecedented popularity of vaping. Let’s check out the reasons which make it a fashion accessory.

#1: Celebrities are seen vaping

We can’t deny the popularity and the examples set by celebrities. With the modern culture and influences that are set by celebrities, this has got a heavy impact on the way in which a market develops. As people are seeing more and more singers, movie stars and fashion icons to hold their favorite vape pens, they’re outgrowing in popularity.

#2: Available in new sleek and stylish designs

Just as the new innovations, vape pens too have developed substantially since the time they were first introduced the market. The current designs of vape pens are slicker and more stylish as compared to those that were available previously. Reports reveal that they are going to they’re going to become more customizable in the near future. This will even boost the style credentials. The range of flavors will mean something appealing to all.

#3: Plummeting levels of smokers

None will deny the fact that there is a stark fall in the popularity of smoking and this has given vaping the required boost. Health concerns mean traditional cigarettes are frowned upon like never before and the people who were watching out for an alternative could find the best in vaping. Now that they’re being used to quit smoking, they have become even more popular.

Therefore, vape pens or vaporizers have always appealed to the tech-savvy and stylish generation of teenagers. Take into account the reasons mentioned above to know how it is gradually becoming a fashion accessory.

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