For most guys, shaving is a part of their daily life that cannot be set aside or ignored. How important it is to them is reflected in the amount of time, money and effort that they are willing to give in order to get the best quality shave without having to suffer the usual shaving injuries.

Which electric shaver to buy

When choosing the best electric shaver, four different names are the usual choices in terms of features and function, they are Remington, Panasonic, Braun and Philips. The main consideration for most men in choosing what to buy is the price. Of course, we want to invest in a good shaver, but we do not do so without making sure that we get our money’s value. It’s not all the time that a hefty price tag would mean good quality and performance. So, which among the four do we think is the best electric razor for men?

We will consider them based on these criteria: 1. Comfort. 2. Closeness. 3. Build Quality. 4. Value for Money.


Comfort is always a number one criterion in choosing a shaver. Comfort means being able to shave and not injure yourself in the process, or at least minimize them. It also means less tugging and hair pulling, which can be painful to say the least. In this area, Braun is a popular name, specifically the braun series 7. Braun takes pride in its Pulsonic technology, with its blades vibrating 10,000 strokes in a minute. This speed in blade vibration translates to a closer shave without the painful tugging and pulling. Plus, some Braun models also boast of the OptiFoil feature which means your skin is protected from irritation caused by the blades. Now, that’s comfort. Coming close to Braun is Panasonic, then Philips and finally, Remington.

Close Shave

Another important factor in choosing your electric shaver is its ability to deliver a close shave. Of course, if it doesn’t shave close enough, your skin will not feel smooth and supple, and you will have to shave again soon. Which will not translate into consumer satisfaction.
In terms of close shaving, Panasonic is the leader. Panasonic’s elite models ES-LV81-K Arc 5 and ES-LA93-s Arc 4 boast of ultra-close shave, and are 100% waterproof which means you can also use it while in the shower. Some key features are its 5-Blade system, a multi-flex pivoting head, linear motor drive which vibrates at 14,000 cycles per minute, and 30-degree Nanotechnology inner blades which cut the hair at the base. All of these features mean a smoother, cleaner shave with maximum comfort.
Braun’s similar range shavers deliver 10,000 cycles per minute, while Remington’s is at the 8,500 cmp motor speed range.
Philips, on the other hand, has the rotary type shavers. It is not a secret that foil shavers perform better in terms of close shave, but Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D also performs the ultra-closest shave in the range of rotary shavers.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, Panasonic has always been coming up with quality shavers and innovations that only Japanese technology can deliver. Braun comes in second, while Philips and Remington are third and fourth.

Value for Money

If budget is not an issue, Braun’s top of the line is obviously the best shaver that will give you value for your money in terms of excellent performance, quality and durability, and, again, value for money. Yes, value for money, because in the long run, with its quality, you will never have to keep changing your razor in order to be satisfied with its performance. Panasonic also comes a close second, also in the mid to high-price range. But if you prefer an affordable razor with good performance, then Remington shavers are reliable enough and easy on the budget. Philips come second, which is slightly more pricey but still on the low and mid-priced range.

It is evident from the above discussion that each of the brands has some specific pros and cons. But taking all the factors into consideration, Braun Shavers are the best to go for.

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