So, it’s getting to that time of the year again, where the days are colder and the nights fall earlier. The sun has seemed to have disappeared and there is a wintery chill in the air when the wind gusts across your face. It’s time to pull out that winter coat and wrap up warm. Due to the change in the weather, We, alongside Gear Hungry, have decided to come up with the perfect winter clothing must haves for the outdoorsy gentleman, to ensure you stay warm, as well as stay stylish and fashionable within the winter months.

To kick us off, your first winter must have has to be the cashmere hat. Yes, it may cost slightly more than the traditional wool cap you are used to buying, however it isn’t itchy and is far more comfortable and warmer. The bold, neutral coloured hats such as black or navy are probably the best to get your hands on as you probably own more than one winter coat.

Next on the list is the scarf. A scarf with a bit of colour and texture can liven up your look in the middle of a cold and miserable winter. Especially if your coat is either grey or black, a playful yet vibrant colour can easily make a bold and stylish fashion statement, as well as give your style some depth.

Our third essential on the list is the “wear with anything” overcoat. The overcoat ensures the true gentleman remains smart and professional at work during the winter period. No true professional man wants to be going to business meetings or business trips wearing a big and puffy winter coat. Instead, consider investing in an overcoat that will keep you warm and ensure you still look professional in your job role.

Moving onto our fourth winter essential with the leather jacket. Worn right, the leather jacket can be one of the sexiest things a man can wear. Unfortunately, you cannot have them tailored therefore, be sure to buy one that fits snugly. The best colours to go for are always black, brown or grey. Leather jackets are always a good investment which you will have for a long period of time so be sure to take good care of it.

So, we are now onto our fifth winter essential and we couldn’t not include the men’s cardigan. A shawl-collar cardigan combines the best qualities of a turtleneck and a cardigan. These qualities being a warm neck and easy to put on and remove! However, those who are not a fan of cardigans can also opt for sweatshirts, which seem to be in vogue at the current time, especially in the biking community. For instance, the Harley-Davidson Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt (looking for “harley davidson gifts for men” on the Web can provide interested individuals with a myriad of choices related to this) is known to be trending among bikers. Moreover, with the variety of options for hoodies and zippers, this clothing item appears to have become a favorite alternative for non-cardigan wearers.

Anyway, onto our last winter essential and we had to include the leather glove. This completes any look you are looking to rock that day! As well as making any outfit look outstanding, they are also surprisingly soft, warm and tough therefore, they can protect your hands against anything winter has in store for you.

To conclude, if you are wanting to keep warm but stay fashionable this winter, be sure to pop into your local clothing store and buy these items to prepare yourself for the cold winter ahead!

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