It seems that men’s fashion and lifestyle must be a topic fast growing in popularity, as it seem I have a pretty good number of people reading my blog these days, and many stupendously loyal – or just crazy –  readers who come back on a regular basis! And to think, my GCSE English teacher once told me my writing, while “consistently technically accurate, lacked imagination and natural flair”. Well, in your face, Miss Williams!

Please feel free now to CONTACT ME! I’m really excited about accepting guest posts on to my site, so please get in touch with any ideas you have.


Because of the pretty good “following” I seem to have amassed, I receive on a daily basis a large number of offers from writers wanting to contribute to Men’s Style; mainly people wishing to ensure their work will reach a large audience quickly. Because of this, I’ve decided to open the floodgates and accept guest posts from anyone looking to get their ideas, writing and products/services out into the public. At the very least, I’m hoping any guest post articles will provide my readers with a bit of a change from my boring ol’ ramblings.

Why Write for My Blog?

If you’re considering offering to write for my blog, here’s what I can offer you:

  • On average, I get about 100 hits a day, so roughly 3000 monthly visitors.
  • On Twitter I have a good following, which means I can share your article with loads of Twitter users super-quick. Check out my Twitter page to read recent Tweets and see the up-to-date figure of followers I have.

What Am I Looking For?

If you’re going to send me a sample of your writing, please make sure it’s accurate; I just don’t have the time to proof read other people’s articles and make corrections.

Make sure what you want to write about is a good fit for my blog. Primarily, my blog focuses on:

  • men’s style
  • fashion
  • grooming tips
  • footwear
  • accessories
  • travel
  • gadgets
  • technology
  • health
  • fitness
  • weight loss
  • DIY

My blog is for men, so if you have any ideas for articles that guys may find interesting, pitch it to me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for visiting Men’s Style!


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