Although it may seem like an experience that’s still some way away or indeed one which you may not even go through yourself, you’ve probably definitely heard about the effects of a mid-life crisis. Long before your particular mid-life crisis sets in and compels you to want to buy a bright red Ferrari (if you can afford it, that is) and/or conceal your grey hair with some hair dye, you might have to get some good early practice by going through a quarter-life crisis.

Yes, a quarter-life crisis is a thing and it can be brought about by a number of different triggers. It’s by no means mathematically accurate in terms of your age in numbers, but a quarter-life crisis usually plays out over that period in your life when you’re visibly transitioning into adulthood. Particularly with regards to your changing (and often mounting) responsibilities, or you may not quite be making progress in the way you’d planned. Whatever the reason or reasons for your anxiety, uncertainty or lack of motivation linked to your quarter-life crisis, there are three simple life hacks you can implement to get yourself through this trying time.

Redefining the Role of Money

Rather surprisingly, one of the most common triggers of a quarter-life crisis is money, but not in the way you’d usually think. It’s not so much the lack of money that sparks it, but rather having an excess of it. It’s good to live below your means and save as much as you can, but during that adulthood transition phase in your life, too much unspent money can induce feelings of having wasted all that time and effort that goes into your job, business, or whatever else you do to earn your money. I’m not suggesting you spend everything you make or that you should conspire to make less money (as if), but this quarter-life crisis trigger can easily be fixed by that adrenalin rush that comes with something like trying your luck on an online slots, as a means through which to re-define the role money plays in your life. Again, I’m not suggesting you gamble away all your savings and excess earnings. All I’m saying is the rush and possibility of winning induced by an online casino works wonders in “rewarding” your hardworking subconscious self by visibly making use of some of the money you work hard to accumulate. The trick is to spend a little bit of the money you make on something that isn’t quite part of what you normally have to spend on.

Setting New Goals or Updating Old Ones

Another big fuel for the dreaded quarter-life crisis is looking back at the goals you set yourself, especially the time-specific ones, and realising that you’ve not quite reached them. While one should never give up on their dreams, reality is one of the most effective spices of life because it can give you some good perspective on some of your goals which need a bit of reconfiguration and adjustment. Set new goals or update some old ones to fall in line with reality and you’ll be well on your way to overcoming your quarter-life crisis.

Take an Extended Holiday

There really is nothing more to it. Taking an extended vacation to break out of your daily, monthly, or even yearly routine is one of the best ways to re-boot and gain a refreshed perspective on your seemingly stagnating life. Breaking your usual routine answers the question “Is this really all there is to life?” with an emphatic “NO!”

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