In most conversations, when you talk about ‘fashion accessories’ you’re talking about women. However, for the man about town, accessories are just as important, because they will all come together to form a unified whole in terms of persona and presentation.

So, what are the most common of these accessories, and what information should you know about them? Let’s look at the categories of shoes and their importance, the tie when it comes to formal wear, the watch as it pertains to cultural symbology, and the beard as it is worn as a sign of commitment to a cause.

The Shoes

Shoes serve multiple purposes when it comes to fashion and function. You have to be comfortable enough to move during whatever activities is going on, but you also want a fashion sense about your shoes if you’re somewhere that you need to attract a certain kind of attention. And shoes work both ways in this regard. The right shoes bring the right attention, and the wrong shoes will get you noticed in a negative direction. It is an important choice at some social events for sure!

The Tie

When you need to wear a tie, you might as well wear the right ones. For modern suggestions of what style to wear to what type of event, read some men’s fashion magazines and take a peek at what the movers and shakers are wearing, and almost as importantly, how they are wearing them. Depending on your company, you may want to try a different style of knot in order to impress the people who are aware of such things.

The Watch

A watch can be quite an investment, both in terms of money and in thought. The right watch gives off the exact impression that you want, and the wrong watch serves to peg you as someone who doesn’t care. Because of the prevalence of cell phones, you don’t necessarily need one to tell the time anymore, so now it’s more a matter of cultural relevance.

The Hat

In the old days, everyone wore hats. It was a part of culture. Now, not so much, but it’s still an important choice to make. The difference between wearing a fedora, a ball cap, and a cowboy hat is the difference between making friends of one type, or of another. Keep that in mind.

The Beard

And yes, a beard can be considered an accessory, and not only that, but a committed accessory for those who choose to grow one long. A beard is not an immediate thing, so everyone who sees you will be aware that you have the patience to groom it exactly how you want.

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