Some men will experience sexual problems and brush it off or tell themselves that they will get better in time. However, it can be dangerous to do so. Many times, these problems, while they may seem minor, can be indicators of a more serious medical issue.


Erectile Dysfunction

It’s not uncommon for men of a certain age to experience erectile dysfunction. This means they have trouble getting sexually excited when they should be and their penile tissue doesn’t harden as much as it should during intercourse. This is physically caused by a lack of blood supply to the penis, but it could indicate a much larger issue.

In some cases, a lack of proper circulation means that you may be suffering from heart disease and not even realize it. Most people don’t know they have heart disease until their first heart attack. If you have blood flow problems, you should see a doctor and get a check-up to have your health assessed. If your doctor is comfortable that there a no underlying health issues, you may be prescribed an ED treatment like Sildenafil to help treat the issue.

Libido Changesre

If you feel like you have lost your libido and you are no longer aroused like you used to be, you may attribute it to age or changes in your relationship. However, the problem could be much more severe. You could actually be losing your ability to procreate as your fertility is diminishing.

Any changes in your libido need to be taken seriously. You should not assume that the problem will go away on its own and that your libido will return after a while. If you are over 30, and your libido is diminishing noticeably, then you should be checked out by a doctor. Early diagnoses and treatment can solve some of these problems before they become irreversible.

Testicle Lumps

It is not uncommon for men of any age to get lumps in their testicles. Many times, the testicles will simply swell slightly or have lumps in them for a variety of reasons, most of them harmless. If the lump or swelling persists, however, and there are any sexual side effects that correlate to the appearance of the problem, then it could be a sign that something far direr is at work.

Testicle lumps can be an early warning sign of testicular cancer. The sooner you have this problem diagnosed, the more effectively it can be treated. If you wait too long, the damage could be so severe that it could become fatal or could require extensive surgery that will scar you for life.

These are some of the most notable sexual problems that are sometimes precursors to much more serious issues. Men should not treat any sexual problem as a minor thing, especially if it stays with them. Men are far less likely than women to request medical help, but they need it just as much. If you are experiencing sexual problems, then consider seeing a doctor about them. Your willingness to seek help can end up saving your life.

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