Online project management platforms are changing the way we work, allowing for the virtual office and remote teams: Monday morning. You’re working over a few matters with your project collaborators, assigning tasks and checking up on some relevant files as you revise your schedule and meetings for the day – all while sat beneath a patio umbrella, sipping at a double cappuccino, enjoying a hot croissant and a cool breeze at your choice independent Italian cafe.


But come lunchtime, and as you are busy deliberating the respective virtues of spinach-rocotta gnocchi and a fresh mozzarella and basil pesto panini, expect a steady increase in attention as passersby become more frequent. Then ask yourself, to what degree are you certain of your image? What are the seven essentials for the smart collaborator?

  1. Research states that up to 75% of women will look at a man’s shoes before his eyes. Bespoke Berluti shoes and leather goods represent an admiration for superb quality, craftsmanship and taste. They also demonstrate a love for Venezia leather and the finest in European style.
  2. Place a pair of Shwood dark wood sunglasses on the table beside your workspace. Sunglasses still remain the ultimate expression of independence and style, and Shwood’s offerings effortlessly blend the contemporary and the classic.
  3. Have visible your button cufflinks. The extent of your shirt cuffs should reach up to approximately one and a half inches beyond your blazer sleeve, exposing carefully chosen cufflinks to match with sock colour or tone.
  4. The pocket square is not optional. It should be silk and balance with your shirt, either in colour, tone or pattern. Just be aware that elaborate folds can come across as ostentatious, so rather stick with a square fold or throw for the relaxed yet sophisticated remote collaborator.
  5. A vintage-style leather briefcase much like these legal briefcases on (and similar sites) for your laptop and papers would be considered professional and cultured. Have it hang across your shoulder or placed beside your laptop.
  6. If you choose to wear a watch, a sleek, vintage-style chronograph Rolex, tanned leather strap and aged, tea-stain face will provide further evidence of cool sophistication.
  7. Belts should be simple and clean, and perfectly matched with shoes; the same colour, tone and finish is a must.

Contemporary, cloud-based solutions for collaboration and project work allow for remotely sourced team members. This in turn means greater freedom, not only for the business owner, but for the freelance collaborator or virtual office colleague, also. But in order to take full advantage of the kind of freedom that permits you to work wherever you prefer, consider carefully what you wear as much as where and how you wear it.

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