It’s never easy knowing what to buy the bride and groom on their big day – and it’s especially difficult when your role is as important as being the Best Man!  Finding the time to buy something that’s considerate and unique, while also being suitable for both the bride and groom is never easy! As the best man, your present needs to be special and stand out from the crowd.

image-2Here are a few unique ideas to help you find something that you can buy online from the comfort of your own sofa…

His ‘n’ Hers Clothes!

Don’t panic – we’re not thinking Victoria and David Beckham circa ’99 – we’re going a little more subtle than that! A lot of newlyweds will actually love the idea of getting matching items as their wedding gift just perhaps not full double leather complementary suits!  Think of thinks they like doing together, like hiking for example, and get them matching hiking boots. Or look into some lesser known brands to show you’ve put in a little bit of extra effort. Brands like  Android Homme do unique couture trainers for example which are sure to be a winner with some loved up newlyweds for their romantic walks! Or try GFN Clothing for “his and her” tracksuit bottoms – perfect for the newlyweds to chill out in together!


We’ll admit, jewellery probably seems like an obvious choice. However, buying a newlywed couple some matching jewellery can still prove to make for a meaningful and timeless gift. You can find so many of great online shops that do beautiful personalised items of jewellery. Plus, if you have a bit more of a budget, you could even create some one of pieces by buying some loose diamonds online! Items such as matching cufflinks and earring can be made from the same diamond, making for a really special and timeless wedding gift!


While the couple are probably going to have a wedding photographer, sometimes the best images are the candid ones taken by guests. If you manage to capture a real stand out shot on the big day, why not get it blown up and printed onto a canvas? There are loads of businesses that now offer beautiful canvas prints of any image. Your special newlyweds will be able to hang it in their home and treasure it forever!

Come fly with me…

As you’re the best man, you should probably go all out! Why not blow your budget and get the newlyweds a holiday! Even if your budget is limited, you can find some really reasonable last minute deals online. Perhaps just get them a special spa day treat to enjoy together if you can’t stretch to a full trip?

Another fab idea is to could find out where they are planning to go on their honeymoon and getting them some currency exchanged for the country they are visiting!  If you want to go that extra mile you could even call up the hotel they are staying at and arrange a special meal to be prepared for them payed for by you!

We hope you find this helpful. If you have some different ideas, or maybe if you received a really stand out gift on your big day that you want to share then please get in touch!

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