Even though classy men clad in sleek suits are becoming a rare commodity, many would still nod their heads when I say a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Take a peek at your grandfather’s old photos and you will realize the lengths he used to go to look flawless in his suit. And if you notice closely enough, his tie just might catch your eye specifically.

imageConsult any real gentleman who has spent a life in suits, ties are the 101 to ‘dressing like a gentleman’. Whether you’re pulling it off conventionally with a tailored suit or adding it to funky, college-boy attire, your tie has a big hand to play in making you look just right.

Unlike other pieces of your ensemble, ties are more than just accessories. They are a sort of heritage handed down to you by forefathers who were extremely particular about everything, from the knot to the length of their ties. Safe to say, ties can differentiate gentlemen from guys, and the well-groomed from the ordinary.

With that maintained, let’s actually ponder over how you must dress like a gentleman with the tie in the right place.

Whether you top it off with a snazzy jacket or not, shirt and tie remains to be the eye-catcher of your entire ensemble. A wrong match can not only bring down your look but your entire persona. So pay attention!

Tie Colors and Patterns

  • Matching solid colors is playing safe. You must combine patterned shirts and ties if you really want the limelight.
  • Pair large patterned shirts with smaller patterned ties to avoid looking like an optical illusion.
  • Establish the base color of your shirt and then pick a tie that accents that color.
  • However, the tie should always be a shade or two darker than the shirt.

Tie Placement

  • The size of the color and width of the tie must be in right proportions.
  • The end of the tie should reach your belt buckle or the waistband of the pants.
  • The dimple is an inward curve just beneath the knot. It’s an intentional  imperfection which can add a fine detail to your outfit and give you an edge over others in the room.


  • Windsor knots are the most common among men gearing up for a presentation, court-room hearings, or board member meetings. They are the staple knots that go well with all face and shoulder structures.
  • The Four in Hand Knot is another choice for men with necks arguably shorter than others.
  • The Eldredge Knot is a daring move but one that makes a mark on every onlooker. Do not hold back in trying out an Eldredge Knot for an important interview or a special friend’s wedding (if you’re not running late, that is).

The art of dressing like a gentleman is more intuitive than bound by rules. However, you must pay extra heed to the nitty-gritty of the tie you wish to flaunt as it can spice up your outlook like anything!

Staying sharp and tucked is a must when it comes to dressing well and making sure the attire stays on point.

Besides not using oversized shirts, make sure the trousers have the ability to make the attire look well throughout the day and night.

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