Congratulations to those of you who have decided to step into the gym and start changing your life and body. You are already winners! It takes great motivation to start working out, and we hope you’ll keep up the good work. For those of you who chose weightlifting as your ideal workout routine, we have some useful tips and tricks which will help you stay safe and get the best possible results soon.

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No matter what kind of workout you prefer, staying safe should be your number one priority. All those hours of hard work will mean nothing if you end up hurting yourself and have to go through tough recovery for a couple of weeks. That being said, you should also not give up the moment you feel soreness in your muscles – you will get nowhere with minimalistic exercise. Solution: get a professional to help you and monitor your progress. Personal trainer might seem unnecessary at first, but you will actually benefit a lot from this. After a while, you might not even need them, but when you’re just getting started a helping hand is always a plus.

Get proper equipment

You should understand that the apparel you feel most comfortable in might not be the best choice for the gym. Old, oversized cotton tees and sneakers that have been hiding in your closet for a couple of years will definitely not do. What you need is proper gym clothes: polyester tees, warm hoodies, and reliable lifting shoes. Polyester clothes will keep you warm and allow sweat to evaporate, and a warm hoodie is idle for when you leave the gym. The right shoes will save your back, quite literally, and allow you to lift more weight. You will be doing a lot of squats and lifting shoes have raised heels which will allow you to squat deeper.

Get the weightlifting belt

You will perhaps not start with great weights, especially if you have not worked out before. Smaller weights are best until you learn the right way to lace your arms, hands, and feet, as well as the best position for your back and neck in order to avoid injuries. To help you grip weights you may want to consider buying some lifting straps. As you build muscle they will help you to lift more weight, allowing you plough through any plateau you might encounter. The thing you will also need is a weightlifting belt. You might not need it straightaway for smaller weights, but later on you will understand that it’s absolutely necessary. Wear it around your lower back and front abdominals, since it’s designed to protect your abs. Continued use will ensure you don’t suffer any long-term injuries, allowing you to keep up with your workouts for a long time to come. While there are those who don’t find it useful at all, others believe it’s necessary.

Also, if you are into lifting, you could invest in a sturdy deadlift platform. It helps in prolonging the use of your gym equipment by absorbing the force of the weight, also making lifting safer in different ways. The solid platform can potentially save your gym floor from damage. If you are interested in procuring one for your home gym, you could take a look at Home Gym Boss’ website and get an idea about the same.

Don’t skip warm-ups

It is imperative that you warm-up your body properly before you start your workouts. The moment you start sweating indicates that you have raised your body temperature enough to start the real work. If you skip warm-up you could get injured, since lifting weights requires a lot of effort. You only need two to five minutes to get prepared: start with jumping ropes, riding a stationary bike, running, or doing squats. Push-ups are also a great choice because this way you are preparing your chest, back and arms for lifting.

It is very important to stay focused and safe while working out. Try not to lose your motivation, and treat workouts like new healthy habits. This way, you will change your entire lifestyle, and as a result you will look great. Barbells, dumbbells, and heavier weights will no longer present an obstacle, but an essential part of your everyday life.

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