It goes without saying that in order to really reach your fitness goals, you need to hit the gym. If this is so, why are people so reluctant to go to the gym in the first place? There are many reasons, but if we were to oversimplify things, we would say that it all fits into a simple four-word question: “new to the gym?” While this may not seem so bad, the truth is that nobody likes being the new guy. Many people believe that during their first few days at the gym, they will be the epicenter of ridicule, but there is nothing further from the truth. However, in order not to feel like a total rookie, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you feel more confident once you finally step into the gym.


Nothing to Be Afraid of, Nothing to Prove

Even though this may seem a bit over the top, the first thing you need to do when you start going to the gym is stop being afraid. Despite all the stereotypes, people at the gym are usually quite nice and want to help a newbie. This means that people looking at you while working out probably aren’t silently judging you, but just making sure that you are doing the exercise properly. You would be surprised how many of them will approach you with tips and hints on what you can do better.

The second mistake most newcomers make is trying to imitate what they see other people doing. Just because the guy next to you is curling 50 pound dumbbells doesn’t mean you are expected to do so as well. Know your limitations and slowly work your way up since overestimating yourself can be quite dangerous. In no time, you will be the person that new gym members will look up to.

Have a Plan

The next thing you need is a plan. You don’t want to just walk aimlessly around the gym. Try to find a good beginner’s program online or ask someone more experienced to make it for you. It’s not like people don’t like beginners, it is just that people who aimlessly wander around the gym act as a distraction to everyone. In order not to allow yourself to become this distraction, simply plan your day at the gym step by step while you are still at home.

Weights and Reps Are Not Everything

Another thing you need to realize if you want to make it in the gym is that how much you bench press isn’t all there is to working out. Your warmup, post-workout stretches and even having adequate fitness clothes can make all the difference when it comes to your gym progress. Furthermore, the importance of your eating regimen and schedule simply cannot be stressed enough. Some make the mistake of eating right before hitting the gym, which results in getting nauseous during the training. Others, however, don’t eat for several hours before the training which yet again prevents them from giving it their best. Some also underestimate the power of supplements and the edge they can give you. For example, if you’re looking for the best electrolyte drink that has many supplements that you require for faster recovery in it, then go and have a look at Magnak’s website. Drinks like this can help eliminate muscle cramps, allow you to heal faster and even prevent problems like stomach bloating. Bear in mind to always turn to reliable brands, such as Legion Athletics, for you purchase. Things like T-boosters and protein powders can help you to build muscle mass and size quickly, meaning you’ll be able to move up the weights and increase reps much quicker. You can find the aforementioned products, as well as others, at What you need to understand is that you cannot hope to reshape your body by just lifting weights. It just doesn’t work that way.

Gym Etiquette

Finally, there is such a thing as gym etiquette. After you are done with a machine, you are not just supposed to get up and go on to the next one. First, you need to clean all the mess you have left behind. Seeing how you will be sweating while you work out, you might want to wipe off your equipment. Most gyms have cleaning supplies you can use. You should also return all the weights to their place. Same goes for barbells and dumbbells. Just return them to where you picked them up so that the guy that comes after you doesn’t have to do this afterwards. People who act in this manner usually aren’t too popular in the gym.


All of these tips can be summed up as ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ When you decide to go to the gym, you agree to a certain code of behavior. After all, you are not the only person in the gym. Just adhere to this simple set of rules and you should do fine.

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