If you were to look at some of the major sporting events in the UK, you would have to consider the following:

  1. Wimbledon
  2. FA Cup
  3. All Premier Division Football Games
  4. European Cup
  5. The Grand National
  6. Royal Ascot

Events that are held on a bi-annual or 4 yearly basis are World Cups, Commonwealth and Olympic Games. All of these generate an enormous amount of interest, not only for spectators but also for the keen punters who think they can pick winners and make a few quid on the side.

Gambling on sporting events has been going on since humans started walking on their two hind legs and it’s not something that is about to stop. Billions of pounds are wagered every year on who will win, by how much, or even who will lose!

Even better, you can do all your betting online and remain in the comfort of your own home. Just find some online betting sites, your favourite game, grab a pie with sauce and some chips, a beer, watch the game on TV and get involved. If you win a few quid it really makes for a great day. Something to boast about to your mates down at the local pub.

This is not a ‘blokey’ thing either. Women are renown for loving to have a flutter. Horse racing and Wimbledon are two sporting events during which they can dress up in some fashionable attire and pick a horse or a tennis player on whom they can have a punt. Or join you on the sofa and watch the game at home.

Like all things that are supposedly good or bad for you – do it in moderation. Unless you are a professional gambler, you need to have a set budget. You have to be able to say to yourself, “I can afford to lose fifty quid having a bet.” It’s that simple. If you win, pocket your £50 and play with your winnings. A better idea is to take your winnings and shout your partner to a nice evening out!

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