Many men have that bit of fat on the waist they struggle to shift; for some they say it’s their ‘love handles’ and that women think of it as being cute but for others it’s a frustrating part of the body that doesn’t ever seem to disappear whatever regime is undertaken.


If you have a spare tyre of fat, the reality is that it could be doing you harm whether the women love it or not. It’s a sign of possible problems later in life such as diabetes and doing something now will help you stay healthy way into old age. The solution some men turn to though is crash dieting and whilst this gives a new lean appearance for a few weeks, there’s pretty much a 100% chance that in a few more weeks the weight will have reappeared – with some extra to boot.

Here then is why crazy crash diets aren’t the answer and why taking it slowly will see you looking your best – ever.

Crash dieting

Powders, bars, eating raw food or shakes has long been marketed as the way to lose weight – fast. For those who want a quick fix or can’t be bothered with the longer journey, it’s seen as the last chance saloon to looking great.

The reality is that crash dieting doesn’t work. You’ll lose weight juicing vegetables and eating nothing else for a few weeks because your calorie intake is so low, but your body will go into emergency storage mode and actually store fat. This means when you’ve lost a bit of weight and stop, not only does eating your usual foods mean you put weight back on, you put extra on because of the stored fat your body has in reserve. It’s a no-win situation and many find that yo-yo diets just see their waistlines grow over the years rather than shrink.

The solution

The only way to lose that spare tyre is slowly. It’s going to happen with a combination of healthy – and sensible eating and a workout with equipment from which targets this part of the body.

Plan your eating and exercise and realise that gradual weight loss of half a kilo each week is more likely to stay off long term; this may feel like a long road to take if you want to lose 10 kilos perhaps but your body and heart will thank you for it.

For the first two weeks, simply slow down the rate you eat your food. Research shows that eating mindfully can really make you aware of how much you are putting in your mouth and in turn you’ll start to eat less. Sit at the table to eat and don’t be distracted by the TV, your phone or other devices; just concentrate on your food.

For weeks three and four, change your proteins. Eat more lean chicken, eggs, fish and cottage cheese. It helps build muscle and keeps you feeling full for longer. Add in gentle exercise such as using a treadmill from .

Weeks five and six are about increasing vegetable intake. Lots of vitamins and minerals and they replace the high calorie foods on the plate as they also help you to feel full. Try different ones in the supermarket and research new, easy recipes and you’ll be surprised at the changes which are simple to make.

For weeks seven and eight, increase your exercise levels a little and focus on your sleep. Many people don’t get enough sleep and you need your body to rest sufficiently each day. Also try to unwind more each day; relaxing is just as important as diet and exercise in a total mind and body change such as the one you’re looking to achieve.

Over the weeks which follow, stick to these simple rules and you’ll see your tyre disappear. Measure your waist at the beginning of the first week and even by the end of week eight you’ll see a positive difference to keep you inspired and motivated to continue to your ultimate goal.

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