Icy Wild is IGT’s own version of Disney’s frozen. However, there is no song and dance routine and you can win actual money playing this game. The Icy Wild Slot is everything you need from a snowy background to wilds and multipliers that will bring more points your way.

The slot game

Icy Wild offers you a five-reel game with fixed pay lines. The game comes with four rows which increases your chances of landing a good win. This is not all; there are 50 pay lines for this game which could possibly increase your wins. The game has a great visual appeal and the chances of winning this game are also very high considering the number of free spins, multipliers, and bonuses you gain here.

The design

The design of the game revolves beautifully around its theme. You find some nice graphics in this game which will take you back to fantasy land. Imagine the North Pole, with its majestic snowy plains, its white blanket, and northern lights above your head. This is one of the most visually striking slot games around. The background of the game is a mesmerizing starry sky and a landscape filled with trees in the colors of the northern lights.

The symbols of the game include a princess- which instantly reminds you of Disney’s Frozen. There are crown, locket, and ring symbols in the game as well. You will also find an ermine, an owl, and a tiger in the symbols. Apart from these, there are playing card symbols- A, J, K, Q and 10. The playing cards symbols carry the lowest points.

The wild symbol is a polar bear which can work as a substitute for other symbols and help you make winning combinations.


The game has some great features including free spins that can help you win big.

  • Wild Rule- It is possible for the symbols to fill the whole reel at once. If this happens, you get to use these symbols as full stack wilds for the next spin. You can use this to get extra points or to win even bigger.
  • Free spins- the polar bear tiles can bring free spins your way. You can get anywhere between three to twenty polar bear scatters in the reel, each of which will offer you free spins. Three bears provide 10 spins, four provide 12, five provide 14 spins and so on. If you are the luckiest player in the game, you could even get 20 bears on the entire reel. If this happens, you will get 45 spins for free. This is not all. Each free spin will give you a chance to get more wilds. In this case, you can get up to 250 spins for free. Each time you win, you can keep adding the points and get multipliers too.
  • The princess symbol- If you get 5 on a pay line and get a stacked princess symbol, you could get 500x of your line stake in an instant.


Icy Wild is one of the coolest games of the year. It comes with great graphics and promises you a great time too. Whether you are playing only for fun or for money, this is one game which you will certainly come back to every day.

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