For the most part, if you’re a true fan of casual wear it’s simply because all you really want is to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, even though you still want to maintain that “decently turned-out” look about you. There are however some situations in which you’re required to go beyond simple decency and perhaps turn on the style a bit, whether you’re attending a function that calls for some smart wear or indeed if you just really feel like you want to look like a million bucks.

With women’s fashion the playing field is a little bit different because women are mostly about working with current trends and then perhaps personalising them to represent their own individual style, but for us lads the word “trend” is somewhat of a foreign term. That’s perhaps why in that analogy of similarly dressed women who show up to party going on to hate each other, us lads would probably rather go on to become lifelong friends. It’s simply because when we’re mandated to dress up, as perhaps an extension of the process of picking out our clothes, we always seek to dress up in a manner which represents our character. It’s not about the latest trends or fitting in, but more about expressing our character, no matter what’s currently hot, so if another fella shows up dressed like you they probably have a lot more in common with you than your dress sense and style.

A well-kitted out gentleman’s unique style and taste shines through no matter what the dress theme may be, but the clothes you do wear still need to actually look like they’re yours in order for that personal character effect to take shape. So there are a couple of ways to ensure your clothes actually look like they belong to you and not like you quickly borrowed something from your best buddy on the way.

Know Your Sizes

The services of your local tailor shouldn’t only be made use of when you’re looking to get a suit tailored for an upcoming event. You also need to have those measurements your tailor takes for yourself and be fully aware of the likes of your chest size, your shoulder size, etc. because as much as the sizes in garment retail outlets are standardised, the truth is everybody has different measurements. If you’re particularly chesty as a result of your obsession with bench-pressing, you might have a problem fitting into a shirt that’s incrementally sized in a chest-to-height ratio, for example.

Buy From a Specialist Retailer

Once you’re fully clued up about your measurements in all areas, your clothes shopping needs to be tailored as well. If your particular shoe size falls between sizes 9 and 10 for instance, you’ll only be able to find your perfect size at a specialist shoe retail outlet if you’re looking for a particular brand or style. The same applies to clothing items such as trousers, jeans, shirts, etc. If you forego the specialists for a chain retail store, you’ll practically be forced to buy some clothes which don’t fit perfectly and don’t look at all like your own.

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