I reckon the fact that men’s clothes are more expensive than women’s clothes is somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, because they’re really only as expensive as we allow them to be. Sure, the fact that men tend to shop less than women is perhaps a major contributing factor to the generally higher price of men’s garments, but then again men actually shop a lot more than we let on.

Well it’s no secret that I am indeed one of those guys who are perhaps a bit more into fashion than the average bloke, so I’ve developed a bit of a nose for the ultimate in fashion deals, but even then I still get asked just how I manage to afford to buy all these clothes, given just how expensive men’s clothes are.

It’s no secret really — I make full use of the likes of Groupon Couopons to sniff out the best deals I can possibly get. I do about 98% of my clothing shopping online, which is why just like any other lad you won’t find me dashing in and out of clothing stores at the mall looking for the perfect fit of the perfect attire. I get just as irritated as the next lad having to stay longer than 30 minutes at the mall if shopping with the lady, so I don’t subject myself to such. Who would want to wait around at checkout counters when you’ve got the best deals online?

So anyway — back to Groupon Coupons…

I’m sure you at least know something about what Groupon is and that’s the discounts site I use daily to scour the web for some top discounts on clothes to add to my collection, even if I’m not looking for anything specific to fit the current season or any event in the near future. The coupons page in particular always makes for a great starting point for me to get inspiration to structure my search for discounts (it’s a tough life), but I also have a 35+ strong list of sites which list their own discounts that are available via the Groupon Coupons platform.

Okay, so the trick to it is shopping for the coming season or for the season which has just run its course, like looking to shop for the spring season when we’re smack in the middle of winter or looking to buy winter clothes while it’s still summertime. I’d be scouring the Kohl’s coupons page on Groupon for hours for example and make a note of any discounts on some clothing items that fit in with my style, then I’d cross-reference those with other online men’s fashion portals to see what trend is coming for the next season.

This is how you get the best deals, because when that next season hits and those same fashion trends actually kick in, what I have in my wardrobe are some in-season items which are then otherwise very expensive during that particular season when they are trending.

It’s quite a bit of work, but hey, it’s much better than having to run around at the mall only to have those pickings in clothing which are in physical stock!

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