If you are a lover of the equestrian lifestyle, then the Grand National race at Aintree is your mecca. Attending this event is a dream come true for many fans and a world of fantasy for the others. It creates a true sense of belonging when you watch those swift horses race their way to glory. Whether you attend these events or simply like to watch live telecast at home and place your bets online, you must admit that this sporting event is full of glitz, glamour and the good old British idea of honour.

If you are staying home this season, don’t forget to place your bets through online platform like WilliamHill. Here you will find many ways to accumulate your tabs and win a grand prize too. However, if you plan to attend the races in person, get ready to give yourself a style makeover. The event is attended by the who’s who of the fashion world and you need to dress to impress.

Here are few tips that will help you in looking fresh and polished at races. Ready? Here we go.

Wear black if you like, but not all over

Black is a colour that flatters every body shape, age and style. However, dressing in all blacks like you are attending a funeral is a style sin in a fashionable event like the Grand National. Don’t go out in a fully kitted black suit. Look like a gentleman and experiment with colours and patterns to get the most out of your excursion.

In fact, it could be a good idea to let go of the full suit completely. You could go for comfortable chinos or trousers, paired with stylish shoes, a pain shirt or t-shirt. Add a pop of colour to your look with a fitted and comfortable blazer that makes you look like a modern dapper gentleman. Remember, you can look amazing without opting for the all-black full suit too.

It’s actually all about your partner

The secret to looking fresh at the races resides in just how much you complement your other half. It’s the little things man, like how your pocket square should probably match your partner’s dress colour. Remember, just add a touch. Don’t wear a blazer the same colour as her dress.

At the same time your own look should look complete on its own, but these events are made to be enjoyed with that much needed feminine touch, so wear an outfit that complements your partner.

Look to the horses for inspiration

The horses should inspire your colour choices. Do you support a particular horse? Wear the colour and show your support on the race course. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with colour. It looks tacky and you could end up looking like a jockey yourself.

Fashion is a double-edged sword, especially for one. Make sure you start creating your look right now, right from head to toe. You don’t want to look like you picked up the first thing you saw in the wardrobe and rushed to the scene. Good luck!

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