1In today’s world male fashion is just as trended as female fashion. The fashion industry for men is booming and more and more styles and trends are giving the modern man a vast choice never experienced before. In the days of old men’s choices were pretty much limited to a few selections for its purpose. The professional working man for example would find only a shirt and tie or suit was his only choice in the professional working environment. Today this has expanded beyond vastly and men are finding themselves in a world of heavily promoted fashion for males. Keeping up with current trends and styles is essential if one wants to feel in line with the modern man.

But what if your job role depended on getting it right! Giving the right signals can make or break deals in the business sector. It shouldn’t but it does because it is based on the psychology of the way people perceive each other and this unfortunately has an impact unconsciously on decision making!

According to UK quick house sale specialists Ready Steady Sell “An estate agent will often come into contact with customers. Whether it is people wishing to have their homes sold quick or rented out or in reverse those wishing to buy homes or rent them. The first thing potential clients will see is the estate agent so the impression has to be key in making the customer feel at ease, safe about the situation and eager to continue. This said one must retain the professional boundary of business so dressing too casual for the role can often lead to the customer not feeling part of a professional service and becoming too relaxed and seeing you as more of a friend rather than an estate agent.”

Dressing appropriate for your service will no doubt help guide your customers into better decision making regarding fast house sales. A sensible suit with a modern twist may bring you up to trend and not outdate, it will also keep you professional and in line with your job role. Colours are a key point and choosing positive colours such as greens, blues etc. will prompt your client to feel at ease and positive about your service.

If you work in a different part of an estate agency, such as a repairman, telephone assistant or kitchen worktop fitter it’s not as important how you dress. After all, if you were just going out to fix a leaky tap or bathroom worktop you wouldn’t need to be suited and booted!

Getting your choice of fashion sense suitable for your age and body shape is also something to think about as you don’t want to come across as someone who does not dress their age your customers may not take you seriously then. Choosing clothes that fit you correctly is essential too as you do not want to be embarrassing yourself as well as your potential clients.

Seeking the advice of a fashion guru or surfing the web and looking at different styles and trends for your job role may help you to get the correct fashion trend. Possibly asking the advice of friends and family who will not be afraid to give constructive criticism will essential help you to get your look right and ultimately help you become a successful estate agent.

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