Although the world’s top fashion shows are already showing off their latest creations, for those who are seeking to check out the upcoming S/S trends whilst getting out and about, then a trip to the races can be a great idea.

The race season is already well underway and many fashion sites will be getting their wardrobes and style tips together for the upcoming Cheltenham Festival which seems like the perfect opportunity to explore men’s fashion at the races.

Tweed textures

The first thing to consider is the fact that many of the race meets such as Cheltenham and the Grand National take place in the cool months of spring. In which case, a good solution to staying warm and stylish would be to check out Esquire’s recommendations for tweed jackets that is the perfect look for the British countryside, and has the added benefit of fighting off the cold weather too.

In order to complete this look, some woollen navy trousers will smartly complement the earthy tweed tones, and brown brogues or penny loafers will keep things stylish yet not too stuffy.

Dress codes

However, it’s always a good idea to check the dress code requirements via the relevant racecourse’s website when putting your look together. Although things have relaxed somewhat in recent years, in order to get in to certain areas of events such as Royal Ascot, more elaborate menswear items such as top hats may be required.

Thankfully, for events such as the Cheltenham Festival, you have a little more room for manoeuvre. But just as you would research a horse race by visiting Coral’s selection of Cheltenham tips, in order to successfully navigate the fashion minefield, it can be a good idea to check style sites such as GQ’s guide to racing fashion that offer a little assistance to any racing newbies.

The power of accessories

The site gives tips regarding how important accessories are to completing any look whether it be a sporty chronograph, or even a particularly fine pair of cufflinks. And whilst the ladies may be expected to dazzle with their ever-more inventive fascinators, when it comes to headgear for men, it’s usually best to err on the side of caution.

The key thing to remember is that the race-day is the day where all are expected to wear their finest. And so much as you’d plan and prepare your betting by checking out a Cheltenham tips site, then with a bit of preparation, your first appearance at the races should be a stylish success.

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