Social media allows people of like and unlike minds to interact. This socialising happens either in real time or almost real time. Social media platforms have been used as stage upon which people could freely express themselves. This could be done without a fear of being silenced and even blacklisted.


Social Media has always been governed by the law and in some not so clear cases by the way the powers that be perceive things. The powers that be could be masses of users who generate the enormous amounts of income that bankroll the sites. They can be corporate leadership or an analyst. Also they can be the legislators who dictate how their geographical territory is governed.

As Social Media continues to grow its effects are beginning to be felt at national and international levels. The platform was used extensively in the Arab Spring revolutions. Governments where removed and regimes where changed through the use of social media.

The way that governments look at and regulate social media has begun to change. This is because of its ability to reach out to millions of people and influence them. If the path of growth of the online casino industry also referred in French as jeux en ligne is to be followed, we can safely be assumed that there will be a lot of new legislation concerning social media sites.

Once the possible financial benefit to national income was determined some governments quickly created legislation to control online gambling and online casinos sites such as  The opposite happened when other countries discovered the price that society had to pay due to gambling. As the threat of terror attacks is now a major international issue many governments are taking the fight wherever the terrorists maybe found. This includes at social media sites. The United States of America is already creating laws to combat the use of social media to aid terrorism. They have already passed the “Combat Terrorist Use of Social Media Act of 2015″ through their House of Representatives.

It is now just a matter of time before government policies directly dictate how social media should operate. Whether this is right or not can only be determined by the powers that be.

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