There are plenty of things to think about when you’re adding wall tiles to your bathroom. What colour or style is best? Would you prefer ceramic, porcelain, slate, or some other material? What kind of finish would work best?

All good questions, but one of the most fundamental choices is often forgotten: should you use large tiles or small tiles? In some rare cases, smaller tiles will make sense, but you’ll generally find that large ones pull ahead, and here are just a few reasons why.

Easier Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t a task anyone looks forward to and cleaning the tiles of your bathroom is probably going to be one of the least enjoyable activities of the week. With large tiles, you’ll still need to clean them, but you won’t spend as long doing so. Also as they provide a larger single surface area you may find yourself less likely to call in services such as Mold Remediation Services, as there is less surface area for mold to grow comfortably in. Also, because the tiles are larger, grout lines are fewer. It’s the grout that’s hard to clean because it takes stains easily and doesn’t wipe down like the smooth surface of a tile. Consider minimizing grout if you want to make cleaning easier and quicker. Should it be still difficult for you to do it yourself, then it would be best to hire a tile cleaner to do it for you.

Modern Appearance

If you’re redecorating an older property or looking to evoke a more antiquated appearance, small tiles are great. However, most bathrooms look best when decorated in a modern fashion. Large tiles are great for crafting that contemporary look because they tend to create a sleeker and more flowing design.

Ideal for Small or Large Spaces

People will sometimes tell you that smaller tiles are better for smaller spaces, but larger tiles can actually be more effective. They make a room look much larger when used correctly. Since modern bathrooms are almost always on the smaller side, it only makes sense to use larger tiles. The same is true when you’re dealing with a larger space – using lots of little tiles is going to make a larger room look too busy and cluttered.

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