Whether you’re going away for a one-night business trip or a two-week vacation, if you’re like most men you want to pack with ease and efficiency in mind. This applies in particular when you’re traveling by air, where considerations such as the price of checked luggage can come into play.


So if you’re a man looking for the best approach to efficient packing, here are five must-know tips:

  1. Roll The Items That Can Get Wrinkled

Rolling is one of the best ways to maximize space in your bag, whether you’re aiming for just one carry-on or you’ll be bringing more luggage for a longer trip. What’s important to note, however, is that you shouldn’t roll those items that can get wrinkled or crumpled easily, such as sweaters or dress shirts. Save the rolling for items such as t-shirts, gym clothes, and underwear.

  1. Wear Your Heaviest Shoes

If you can get away with only taking two pairs of shoes, that’s great. One’s even better, although this can be a challenge since many men need at least one pair of dress and one pair of casual shoes. The best tip here is to wear your heaviest shoes while you’re traveling and pack the lightest ones. Just make sure you pack them on the bottom of your suitcase. You can also add some folded items into your shoes when you’re packing them, to make the best use of space.

  1. Put Electronics in a Case

Most men travel with at least a few electronics and their accompanying accessories, and you probably have several chargers that you need to take with you. Try to organize these items in their own bag. An old DOPP kit is a great place to add chargers and small gadgets and electronics. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rooting around your suitcase trying to find them, and likely ruining your tidy packing job in the process.

  1. Check Toiletry Regulations

You likely want to pack your own toiletries, either because you’re traveling somewhere they won’t be available, or you don’t want to waste time or money on things you already have. Check with TSA and airline regulations regarding how large of containers you can carry. Invest in a durable DOPP kit that will protect the rest of your luggage in the event of a spill, and never try to pack full-sized toiletries. Also, as an added note, investing in an electric razor can be a very good idea because TSA regulations allow them to be carried onto the plane. The same isn’t true of disposable razors (find the best razors here) and cartridges.

  1. Layer Items

When you’re packing with efficiency and organization in mind, start by adding socks, shoes and undergarments on the bottom. You can then move on to the heaviest rolled items, such as jeans. If you have anything fragile, add it next, and then add lighter rolled items such as t-shirts. Finally, your folded items can make up the top layer, and if you have any spare light items, such as socks, just add them to the corners and open nooks. This will help prevent your tidy packing job from coming undone during travel.

Simplifying Travel with Smart Packing

If you’re a man who dreams of traveling without burdensome luggage, some smart planning and strategy can help you do just that. Rather than being bogged down by an excess of luggage, packing light lets you focus on your travel plans instead.

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