Every event demands an ensemble that makes you look like a dapper gentleman. You don’t go to the Wimbledon wearing yellow boots and sweatshirts. This event demands a classic English gentleman’s look. Similarly, you must match your attire to the event. Not all events come with a formal invite suggesting you the dress code. Therefore, you need to depend on your own sense of style to find a look that matches perfectly with the event.

Are you looking for a guide to looking great on any occasion? Read on as we bring to you the perfect dress up guide by menswear designer Ralph Lauren who helps us understand how golf attire can be your go-to dress for any event.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are the most comfortable piece of clothing for men. A man’s wardrobe is considered incomplete without a few good solid colored polo shirts. On the golf course, a polo shirt makes you look smart and ready for scoring your next point. They are cool, smart and casual whether you are on the golf course to challenge fellow players or meeting someone at the golf club.

How to use off the golf course?

Polo shirts are as comfortable as they are versatile. Wear them on any casual occasion of your choice. In fact, you can wear them on formal occasions as well. If you are going for a casual look, wear them with denims. Otherwise, you can pair them up with chinos or formal trousers. They can enliven your look without any extra efforts.


If you are playing golf during winters, a good quality knitwear becomes essential for you. Wearing a cardigan or jumper over polo shirts is considered a great way to look stylish in cooler temperatures. Always note that when wearing knitwear, you must tuck your collars in. You will find argyle check print knitwear in the markets. These days, 1970s style sleeveless jumpers are becoming popular.

How to wear off the golf course?

If you want to wear your knitwear outside the golf course, you will have to layer the jumper with a shirt for a formal look. However, jumpers may not always be the best options for outside the golf course. In this case, opt for sweater vest.

Flat caps

A flat cap is not for everyone. It takes a golfing gentleman to handle a flat cap. These caps symbolize a dapper gentleman who is great at golf.

How to wear off the golf course?

If you are opting for any outdoor activity, a flat cap will not only protect you from the sun but will also make you look amazing almost instantly. For events like clay shooting or a stroll around a property, this cap is a perfect choice for you.


Chinos are comfortable and look suave at the same time. They are smart and fit nicely as well. Chinos are a step ahead of your regular trousers, offering all day comforts for busy golfers. A golf club’s dress code always includes chinos that fit snugly to the body but are neither too lose, nor too tight. Wear them with a classy belt to achieve the perfect look.

They are included in smart casuals, so you can wear chinos to almost any occasions. Wear them on days when you are relaxing with friends and pair with check shirts. You can also wear them with polos to look casual outside the golf course. Otherwise, chinos look amazing with shirts as well.

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