Get those summer essentials in in time for your summer getaway. This post shares a few tips and tricks to get you holiday-ready with minimal hassle.


Buy Holiday Gear Online

Get all those items you’re lacking in advance to save you time and energy trawling the shops for the perfect items. If you get into one of those situations where you’ve booked a last minute holiday and you need your items ASAP – get them courier delivered by people like TNT – they’ll get your parcel to you reliably and safely – none of this 3-5 day standard postage gamble involved. If you get in there early with your online shopping, you can even order wildcard outfits or multiple sizes to try on in the comfort of your own home and send back in time; such is the beauty of having things delivered by speedy shipping companies in New York or anywhere else in the country.

Pack Outfits by the Day

Before you pack, check the weather in advance – this can be tricky as the weather is always changeable, but it does help you keep prepared and spend your holiday in comfort. Plan your outfits in advance by the day to avoid any trouble and strife about not having enough underwear or clean t-shirts. As a side note, always bring twice as many pairs of underwear than you think you’ll need – you can thank us later.

Golden Packing Tip for Flights

If you’re not going away for too long, save money and get it all in your hand luggage on the plane. Avoid the daunting possibility that your bag will go missing along the way or get stuck in delays. Even if you’re going for more than a week, you can easily wash your clothes when you’re out there with a little detergent or at a cheap local launderette.

A Good Pair of Shoes will take you Far

It’s hard finding those shoes that are comfortable to walk in on your travels but aren’t something you’d find at the bottom of a bargain bucket of an orthopaedic shoe shop. Jelly shoes are too 90s throwback, and flip flops are all well and good until someone stands on the back of them or you twist your ankle on a rogue cobblestone on the streets of Rome. Go for some espadrilles or invest in a pair of stylish and hardwearing sandals (you heard right – they’re back in fashion and, boy are our feet glad).

Having a smooth and easy holiday planning period makes the holiday itself more of a breeze. Follow these tips and you’ll be enjoying the summer sun stress-free.

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