Some personality traits are traditionally associated with masculinity: courage, independence, assertiveness. Men are strong and active – think ‘walk like a man’. Men are aggressive; men don’t show emotions; men are adventurous. Men are bold, heroic, chivalrous, and even gutsy.

Admittedly, these qualities are stereotypes. In today’s world, these traits can be associated with women while many traditional feminine mannerisms and attributes can now be associated with men.

Taking into account the traditional definition of masculine qualities, it may come as a surprise to learn that men play the lottery more than women. Isn’t the lottery a woman’s thing? Who actually plays the lottery?

In 2010, the Journal of Gambling Studies published a survey that reviewed gambling habits and lottery gameplay. The survey found, as could be expected, that the poor are more likely to buy lottery tickets than people who don’t have to worry about their finances.

A second study in that same journal, published two years later, found that Americans were more likely to play the lottery than participate in any other type of betting game. This explains why many from the country consider buying lottery tickets, both offline and online at Jackpocket — it offers users a secure platform to order official state lottery tickets (lookup Jackpocket Legit on the Web for more info).

A third study, this one conducted by Vision Critical in 2013, found that men are more interested in playing the lottery than women. And, according to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, men and women gamble for different reasons. While women gamble as a social outlet, for entertainment purposes, or as a charitable pastime, men gamble because they take risks. While women prefer to play bingo, men prefer to play poker, win bonus spins for online casinos and participate in sports betting.

All of this is understandable because it reconfirms the traditional personality traits assigned to masculinity, as stated earlier.

No matter what academic studies and statistical analysis suggest, whenever lottery jackpots are huge we all rush to purchase our tickets.

The odds of winning a lottery jackpot may be small, but that fact doesn’t deter people, men and women alike, from buying lottery tickets every week. Lottery players who want get an edge on the odds will do all they can to learn how to win the US Powerball when they buy their tickets at, the leading online ticket purchasing service.

It is manly to play the lottery, but it’s womanly as well. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor – we all play the lottery. Winning a huge jackpot prize is a fantasy we all share. We’ll keep buying our lottery tickets and one of these days that dream just might come true.

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