Everyone can benefit from a detox diet, but bodybuilders and athletes have a little more to gain from them than others. The toxin buildup in the body directly affects their performance in the gym and recovery post workout. Hence, detoxification becomes vital to eliminate toxins and poisons from your body so one can perform at his highest potential.

imageSome might prefer traditional detox methods and others might go for supplements to see the symptoms of toxins leaving the body. For body builders, meat, cheese, and eggs have been their staple diet, it gets really challenging for a vegetarian bodybuilder who aims for the same fiercely performance with vegan detox. So here we are to clear the common misconception that athletes can’t compete on plant-based diets as they can’t get enough protein.

How Can Vegan Detox Help?

If you have underestimated a vegan detox, bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass or who want to get ripped have a lot to gain from it. Detox will help nutrients and protein reach your muscles more efficiently. Without toxins in the way, nutrients from the vegan foods easily find their way through your intestines and blood stream. Even the fat melts way faster when you detox which helps you get ripped faster too.

Vegan Detox vs. Traditional Detox

There are numerous diets for detox on the market these days. Even online stores like WeightWorld come with vegan detox teas. So what makes a vegan detox diet more effective than the other? To your surprise, vegan detox diets are even beneficial for bodybuilders who occasionally eat meat. As a body Builders diet look for Proteins, legumes are the best source of protein they can get.

A study by the Colorado State University said that athletes gain the most from carbohydrates stored in the body. When you get your carbohydrates from vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, your body breaks them down and stores them in your muscles as glycogen. This is a substance that supplies energy and pushes your workout performance. The combination of “vegan” and “detox” is worthy of great results. Vegan diets are raw, pure and natural which matches the whole idea of detox which is to bring your body back to original raw, pure, and natural state. Once you reach this state, you can train harder, lift heavier, and endure longer.

Best Time to have vegan detox

As soon as you begin to notice sluggishness, fatigue, or other unexplained signs that say your body needs detox, you can start planning for it. Before jumping to your vegan detox diet, make sure to cut out all refined sugars, saturated fats, coffee, and alcohol, which may cause hiccups in your fitness goals. Minimize your usage of products containing them to increase the effectiveness of your detox.

Here are some tips to enhance your resilience

  • Drink at least two or three quarts of water each day
  • Eat plenty of fiber each day
  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C
  • Sweat out toxins in a sauna at least once a week
  • Take deep breaths to allow oxygen to fully circulate through your system
  • Use a dry brush on your skin to remove toxins from your pores
  • Incorporate martial arts and yoga into your fitness routine

What to expect in the end?

Sudden changes in diet can make you restless for a moment. Many bodybuilders take natural vitamins to supplement their diet which is fine but try to get as much nutrients as possible through food. Overtime, you’ll likely feel more energized and healthier.

Time for vegan bodybuilders to rejoice!

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