There’s a very good reason why even the youngest of boys has a favourite pair of shoes — that one pair which they think of first whenever there is any need to put on shoes, whether going out with the family, going to play with some friends or just hanging around. This favourite-pair-of-shoes “syndrome” stays with us well into adulthood and goes beyond just the comfort offered by those shoes. Your one favourite pair of shoes is about as versatile as shoes can get, going well with just about all the different types of outfits you’ll ever have to throw together.


imageUnlike is the case with the ladies, us lads don’t really live by the slogan of being willing to die for beauty. Comfort almost always trumps appearances, which is why you sometimes get the quizzical question of “Oh, you’re wearing THOSE shoes tonight?” from your significant other.


If you get away with answering “Yes” to the quizzical question “Are you really wearing those shoes tonight?”, then you’ve managed to find your perfect pair of shoes which goes well with just about any outfit. You have managed to find that sweet spot where comfort intersects with style.

Speaking of style, the reason why lads don’t spend too much time shopping for clothes and shoes is because we know exactly what we wanted all along when we finally see it. You may not have known you want a pair of shoes in a specific styling until you actually see it, but when you do indeed come across that style which represents your character, it’s like love at first sight.

Granted, many different styles can represent your character, but when it comes to that one pair of shoes which will be your best friend until the wear-and-tear starts to become conspicuous, it’s about a style which fits into your life, not the other way around.


When picking out a design from a men’s boots catalogue for example, design is crucial to the consideration of your final choice being as versatile as possible so that you can wear the shoes with as many different outfits as possible. You don’t want to go too formal while at the same time you don’t want things to be too casual. Choices are aplenty though — I mean just think about a pair of brown Segment Melego Sketchers. You can wear these with anything, right? They have the distinct quality of looking very much like casual, comfortable shoes you’d lounge around in on a lazy Saturday afternoon, while at the same time they have a sneaker-like design to them which would have you getting away with wearing them with a pair of shorts. Okay, you’d perhaps be pushing it if it wasn’t a pair of shorts that you’d perhaps wear while going out hiking, but they’re equally at home paired with an outfit that’s as formal as outfits get, like a suit.

This is just one example. You otherwise have the freedom of the super mall that is the internet to select that one pair of your favourite shoes from — that one pair of shoes which gets first dibs on any outfit you want to wear, for any occasion.

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